Feature Wall Design Ideas

Features Wall Design Ideas for your Home

Feature wall design in a living room  serves as a focal point for gathering  and socialising. It also serves to set  the mood and the scale of the living space. Traditionally feature walls are either bold or designed to compliment  the theme of the living room. Feature walls brings out the character of the space and also serve  to draw attention and focus  away from unflattering areas.    There are various ways to treat feature walls. They can not only be painted but accented with wallpaper , murals or cladded with other rich materials to define style and cool factor.

Another popular treatment for feature wall design is to apply murals, either painted or stick on.

Painted murals as feature walls brings an outdoor feel to the  inside, they can be the primary design element to create the theme or  mood .Wall murals can turn the most dull wall in the house into an image of breathtaking view or living room into a fairy garden.  Cityscapes and waterfront murals are popular amongst people who wants to have a feature wall that delivers excitement or different cultural theme. Stickers and adhesive applications most commonly known as wall decals are smaller versions of murals, and  is popular for its ease of application and variety of themes. It is easy to install and also they can be applied on glass screens and walls .

We have included here some best images to illustrate the effect of feature wall options for your living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or any other living spaces in your homes.

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