Modern Moroccan Design

Modern Moroccan Design

Modern Moroccan Design

Sg LivingPod was first invited photograph the show units in the Old Town zone of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.We are proud to present here some outstanding examples of these middle eastern style interior  design and architecture photographed during our trip to Dubai. The design is rich in colour and texture, styled with authentic middle eastern accessories.

The modern Moroccan interior style incorporates Romanesque, Persian, Byzantine and Far Eastern elements into mathematically precise geometric designs, this style is lively and rich in color. Luxurious silk fabrics, detailed floor mosaics, elaborately carved teak furnishings, along with terra cotta hand-made glazed tiles, decorative brass are reminiscent of the bazaars in Marrakesh. Architectural elements include vaulted ceilings, tracery in plaster and stone, intricately carved doorways and friezes. Decorative elements include strong jewel-toned colors, patterned mosaic floors, brass lanterns and ironwork, hand-woven rugs in intricate geometric and paisley designs.

The fabrics used for Moroccan style designing are rich in colors. There is abundance of pillows, cushions in Moroccan style bedrooms. The specialty of Moroccan style interior design is that, it has European, African as well as Persian influences. The light fixtures of Moroccan style are different from those found in other countries. The special lights are  hand crafted by artisans and known as henna lamps because of the henna pattern imprinted on them.

The carpets and rugs have a long tradition in Morocco and its origins can be traced back to the 13th century. There are commonly two types of rugs, the smaller ones, used for prayers and full-sized rugs laid in living rooms and bedrooms. The design patterns of these rugs have Islamic and Asian influences.

The furniture of Moroccan style is mostly wooden. There are 1-2 sofas placed in the living room. The tops of these sofas are rectangular in shape. Table tops have designs of tiles/mosaic over them. Copper or brass trays are used for holding food and beverages.

The mirrors used in interiors decoration are framed with wood or metal. The bathroom accessories are made from ceramic material. The bright colored pottery of Moroccan style can be used as lamps or serving vessels.

The Moroccan Morrocan design styles are becoming popular worldwide due to the variety of elements included in them. The bright colors of different items used in designing present us with ample opportunities for interior decorating. The information presented above, would prove to be helpful as a basic step in knowing more about the Moroccan style.

All Photos© SGLivingPod by Amir Sultan

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