Interior Design Firms for HDB Flat Renovation

Interior Design Firms for HDB Flat Renovation

Choosing the Right Interior Designer for your New Home

With thousands of interior design firms operating in Singapore alone, it becomes difficult for you to make a firm decision in choosing the best Interior design firm to work with for you for that dream apartment or HDB flat that you have been waiting for.

Many consumers  are somewhat intimidated by the thought of hiring an interior designer. They worry they’ll lose control of the design, or the budget, and that the finished room may not be to their liking.

We at SG Livingpod hope that this article will help you understand the process and also allay some of the fears regarding hiring a professional interior designer for your home and HDB flat renovation.

Nowadays with the help of internet you can do some research on the web as a first step to help calm your fears. You’ll find many valuable resources to help you get comfortable with the whole idea of engaging a designer, and many more that will give you tips on how to find and work with a designer. You can also read on the local forum RenoTalk about some of the views and experience that they have with some of the ID firms in Singapore. You also have to be mindful and practice due diligence when reading , some of the accolades and critism given to the Interior Designer. Some of them may not be truthful or sincere.

To make your reading experience visually enjoyable … we have featured a 4 room hdb flat in Ponggol that has been designed tastefully and with a monochromatic theme that have style written all over it. We picked this apartment for this article to show how you don’t have to go over the top to decorate your HDB apartment to achieve a style to reflect your personality. One of the common mistake consumers make is that to make an interior design exciting they create unneccesary built in furniture in the living room like tv cabinets and feature wall. This structure are not only waste of money … they also take up valuable live able space. With new HDB apartments getting smaller and expensive,you would need a practical functional interior designer who would be able to maximise space make them functional rather than decorative.

As a homeowner its important for to do your homework in gathering materials to communicate with your designer. Your designer won’t be able to create the perfect design for you unless you’re able to communicate just what you want. It’s often recommended that you begin to collect photos from magazines of living rooms and furniture you like (and those you dislike), since this will give your designer a place to start in creating a design specifically for you.

You must be able to explain to your designer the style you want, the colors you like, and the activities that will take place in the room. Make a list of furniture you own that you want to keep. Think about your preferences for furniture, fabrics, materials, and patterns. For further hints on defining your style, refer to the articles on inspirational ideas in SG LivingPod , we have lots of  HDB home design ideas and if you do not one to miss out on our daily updates  … click on the link below to subscribe. We hope that this article has been useful and lookout for the follow up article  on this topic. Click on this link for more on Interior Design ideas.

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