Hdb Apartment-3-rm-4rm-5rm-executive-ideas

Hdb Apartment-3-rm-4rm-5rm-executive-ideas

Hdb Apartment-3-rm-4rm-5rm-executive-ideas

3 room HDB flat-Living Room – by Edgeline Designers

Once you get your keys to your brand new HDB apartment you are all ready to decorate and move in to your new home.You want to redecorate your house but there’s one thing stopping you from achieving you goal. You don’t know what you want!

3 room HDB Flat – Dining Room

There are so many interior design styles out there and you like just about all of them. You don’t know which one you should choose best for your hdb apartment and now thats when your dilemma starts.

3 room HDB Flat – Master BedRoom

The first thing to do is to sit down and take a good look at what it is your budget and what is the theme that you would your future home to have.If there is no major renovation work is involved than we would suggest that you look through home and decor magazines and surf thro design websites to get inspired and to get ideas for your future home.

4 room HDB Flat Open Dining Concept-Design by Projectfile

Once you get those sorted out then it’s a matter of deciding which particular interior design styles you like. When you do that, then it’s easier for you to start narrowing your selection down.

4 room HDB Flat walk in wardrobe

Like for instance you might like the colors and the patterns of the post modern interior design styles but you don’t know if you could live with that throughout your entire house.

5 Room HDB Flat by Orange Cube

5 Room HDB Flat

We have taken this opportunity to showcase some of the designs carefully selected different styles mostly simple and  affordable viewing pleasures.

Executive Condo by White Board Design

Executive Maisonette by Orange Cube

Executive Maisonette bedroom

All Photos© SGLivingPod by Amir Sultan

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